Brand New Computer Turns on Then Off.

Hi guys, just got some new computer parts in, and started my first build in about 5 years. Ill explain the situation then add my specs after. Ive got a few ideas of the problem, and will have a better idea on Monday. So I started the build, purchased a combo from Newegg. Brand new CPU, MOBO ect.. everything but the PSU. Installed an old PSU that i have from a computer that i built in 2006 or 2007. Go to start it up, fans come on and then shut down. everything comes on for about 2 seconds. Only tried it twice, i didnt want to burn anything out. Ive got a new PSU coming on Monday. The Old PSU is 550 Antec NEO. Its a good PSU. The new one will be a 630w. The problem and impatience that ive got is that about a week ago I took the PSU to the local computer repair store and they plugged it into their 24pin tester and all volts showed good. So im worried.

My specs are as followed.
CPU AMD-FX 8350 4.0ghz
GPU XFX 7850 2gb
8GB Ripjaw Ram

Also I hear no beeps before shutdown.

I would like to try without the GPU and RAM, just worried if the PSU is the problem that it might burn out something. Thanks in advance. Sorry its been awhile since ive built.
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    a quick check list to help you. first look at the motherboard cpu qal list to make sure your cpu is supported and the bios rev needed to post with your cpu. then check that the mb has the right bios on it. on the mb on the outside edge is a cpu power plug it be eight or four pins make sure the black eight pin power supply connector is plugged in and not a video card six plus two cable. in the case make sure the brass standoffs were uses and the mb io shield and cpu heat sink not shorting out the mb. check the usb ports and ethernet ports for metal fingers and bent pins. unplug your case fans from the mb to rule out a dead short. try powering the pc up without the gpu. some older mb have more then one rail. if your ps in a muilt rail unit it might not have the amps to post a gpu.
  2. Appreciate the fast response. The mobo came with CPU in a combo from new egg, im assuming it can handle it. Although ive been doing some research and some say that this mobo cannot handle a 8core processor. But im not sure to believe them or the claims that MSI says that it does support an 8core. I will try and remove the GPU and RAM and see if i get a different outcome.
  3. Just a quick update before i go off to sleep. I unplugged the GPU and the RAM. When they are out I get BEEPs from post, and it does not power off. Guessing my old 550w PSU just isnt going to do the trick? Thanks in advance.
  4. Does anyone else have any input? This most seemingly looks like a psu problem now that i took out the ram and gpu. But i there any other possibility?
  5. look on the bios chip for a bios rev sticker...then look on the mb cpu qal list check that the bios rev of the mb will post the cpu.
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