Nvidia drivers won't install.

I have a Medion Akoya P7818 that has an i3 processor, a Nvidia GT 730m graphic card and 8 GB of RAM. Since Medion does not release any of the graphic drivers certified for my laptop, my nVida drivers are outdated (307.17) So i downloaded the newest driver and i wont let me install it saying that it could not find the correct hardware. I have been searching google for a solution and it said that i should uninstall the current driver. After doing that the same problem occurred only that now my Nvidia is useless and i have to use the Intel 4000. Do any of you know how to force install new drivers or atleast restore my previous? (I tried to restore the exact same driver that I had but the same message popped up)
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  1. Have you checked here:

  2. Tradesman1 said:
    Have you checked here:


    I already said i downloaded the newest drivers. I have also tried drivers with modded .inf, third party drivers, cleaned the driver remnants with CCleaner, I even tried to install the exact same driver from my RECOVERY(D: )
  3. Off hand can't think of anything..... :(
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