What exactly is wrong with Chrome?

I've always had minor annoying problems with Google Chrome, my problem is i am the type that can't switch from a browser when i get used to it with all my bookmarks, settings synced with google and easy to access from any device, an example of what problems i have is Facebook when i go to any page on facebook i get a blank page at first then after 1 refresh it works, on Yahoo and Outlook mail when i try to access any section nothing happens when i click on them but if i do it from IE10 it works just fine. Another example is Battlelog when i click on server browser it keeps saying loading but when i refresh it works fine, and when i switch qualities of a video in youtube it keeps stuttering so unless i leave it on the same quality or use IE10 it won't work.

Now i am bringing this up because i just installed a fresh copy of my windows 8 64-bit and i am still facing the same annoying problems.
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    Every tried doing a fresh install on Chrome? Since u use Google Account Sync, you shouldn't worry about losing your Bookmarks/Settings and similar stuff. I had the same like you and a fresh installation of Chrome helped.
  2. I just re installed windows yesterday as i said so yes i did a fresh installation of chrome :).
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