1TB Caviar Blue OR 500GB Caviar Black for Expansion

Hello everyone

I already have a 500GB Caviar Black as my main drive but I want to expand because it is almost full.

Would it be better to purchase a 1TB Caviar Blue or a 500GB Caviar Black?

I bought 500GB Black at first because I read black is faster but then when researching a bit today for the second one, I read that "Higher capacity drives are faster than lower capacity drives of same RPM".

So was I stupid to buy a 500GB Caviar Black in the first place?

I actually ordered the second one which costed me 10 bucks more than 1TB Blue, according to the precise and accurate information I am hoping to find here I will either cancel my order for a 1TB Blue or go with the current order.

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  1. blue should be fine. i never owned a black (i have blue), but, i have ssd. If you want speed, ssd is the way to go. it is more expensive though. but having ssd for OS (and some apps/games) is good enough
  2. Yeah but I mean is it true that "Between two same RPM hard-drives the one with higher capacity (I assume storage-GB-wise) will be faster"? Why is this so? I would have bought 1 TB Black in the first place if I knew this.
  3. maybe, but i doubt it would be significant enough
  4. Well I could use a specific yes or no on that "if rpm is equal then the bigger capacity wins" statement and why it is so and if it applies to blue, black and greens.
  5. It would also depend on the number of platters in the drive. A single 1TB platter drive is usually faster faster than a 2 x 500TB platter drive.
  6. Is a single 500GB platter hard drive faster than a 2 platter 1TB drive then? And how I am to find out if this Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 64MB 7200 RPM has a single platter? In the end is it anyhow better than a 500GB Caviar black?
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    A smaller drive (running at same RPM) is generally faster just because it has less sectors to seek. The only way to tell how many platters is to go to WD's web site and look up the specs (probably in the white papers) or look online as people generally post the model #'s of the drives with a single platter.

    I'm not sure why you are asking though. If you need 1TB of storage why even ask about 500GB drives. I certainly wouldn't waste two sata ports on two 500GB drives when I could just use a single 1TB drive. The performance difference will be negligble.
  8. Thanks I got the 1TB Blue it is actally faster in all benchmarks including 4k lol!
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