Keeps switching back to IDE instead of RAID array

I recently installed two Samsung SSD 128 GB drives in RAID array. The problem is anytime my computer goes into sleep mode and half the time when I boot up it says "missing operating system" I go into the bios and the SATA is set to IDE mode (not what I set) so I set it again to RAID and save changes and reboot. Computer works fine. But it happens agin and again. So that every other time I boot I have to go into bios to set it back to RAID! Any thoughts on what could be causing this issue?

Thanks so much in advance!

Windows 7 Ultimate
Intel Core i5 2500 CPU @ 3.30 GHZ
16 Gig RAM
64 bit operating system.
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    Check the motherboard for any kind of bios reset switch/jumper. Make sure the jumpers are in the right position. Also if you motherboard has a cmos battery. make sure it's seated right.
  2. You also might have to change the Cmos battery
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