Antec 900 2 case

I just built my first computer


I was wondering how to connect the fans to the case so I could control them through the motherboard

I just have them connected straight to the power since they don't have the small connectors that connect to the motherboard just large connectors and a 3 way switch low medium and high

also if they can't be connected to motherboard any recommendations on the 4 fans speed settings

200 mm top fan exhaust
2 - 120 mm front intake fans
1 - 120 mm rear exhaust fan

I have all fans set to high right now just so I don't overheat

I have only ran for a few hours so far no real load yet besides Photoshop

temps in Fahrenheit not Celsius 78-105F even 78-80F under no load, Don't know if that's good?

thinking about adding 1 more intake fan don't think it will fit on the side due to the CPU cooler but can add one behind the hard drive

our fan controllers worth adding they look cool or will they even work with these fans with no small connectors

ZE-C168 5.25" Bay Internal USB 2.0 Card Reader with LCD display panel and 4 fan controllers

Thanks for any help
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  1. Can anyone give me any advice please?
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