How does increasing the voltage affect my cpu, memory, etc?

I want to overclock my cpu, memory, and other computer components. I have an AMD A8-5500 (not the best but could be worse) and 8gigs of dual channel ddr3 memory. I have been looking all over the place for info on voltage increasing and how it affects your comp, I know that it increase temp and you should do it if you get system instability at higher multipliers/clock speeds, but I don't know what it does besides that (aka if it increase speed or performance).

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  1. Fries your comp... nuff said~
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    Essentially, increasing the voltage increases the speed in which components can run, at the exchange of having more heat, and a lesser life to the product.
    If you don't have the proper way to cool (aftermarket cooling, very cold room, etc.), you can end up breaking the parts. I'm not sure with AMD A8-5500 on it's overclocking utilities, but if it is possible to overclock, gradually change, to prevent it from shutting down.
  3. Quarkzquarkz said:
    Fries your comp... nuff said~

    Complete bullshit. If you know how to do it it can affect your performance in games, programs etc. Overclocking the CPU helps to get higher or more stable FPS. Overclocking the RAM will help you in benchmarks and overclocking the GPU will do the same as OC'ing the CPU.

    Just make sure you have the right cooling solution you can push your PC to it "limits".
  4. Thanks for the help.
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