2 7970 platinum vs 290x

With the upcoming release of Bf4 I want a monster rig. The 290x will be the bf4 edition but it will lack the free 6 games I'll get with the 2 7970s. If I got the 290x I could crossfire in another month but they'll be reference designs. So as of now what would be better? Value and performance. Probably for a 120+hz 1200+ monitor

Corsair 600t
Asus v formula z
Amd 8350 @4.5ghz
Kingston hyper x beast 16gb @1766mhz
Corsair ax860
Kingston hyper x 120gb ssd
2tb hdd
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  1. The 290x is roughly as powerful as two 7950's in crossfire. I don't think the price of the 290x has been released yet, but I'm thinking somewhere around $600. So for $600 or less you can get two 7970's which will give you more horse power than the 290x plus you get the 6 free games. You will need a bigger power supply though with the two 7970's (around 800 to 850 watts) and there are problems with crossfire in some games.
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