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Hey i have a custom built pc and i need to restore it to its original settings. This was my first computer i built so i did not think to make a backup when i finished building it. Now i need to restore it and i have no backup and there is no factory setting it was just an empty hard drive. So how can i restore my hard drive without a backup or factory settings?
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  1. your origional install disk and a clean install would be my guess.
  2. Without a restore partition or recovery discs this will be very difficult. The best thing to do in this situation is to download an image online for your Windows version and burn it to a disc. After that, you can boot from that disc and activate windows with the COA label on your computer.

    However, if you did not purchase windows, you will not be able to download a legitimate copy.
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    Just set it up the same way you did when you first built it. If you don't have a set of restore disks or a disk image of the original drive or anything, it's the only way.
  4. ok thanks
  5. Restore points are there for these reasons.. you have no other choice but to wipe and reinstall Windows.

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