Need some CPU advise

Current set up:

AMD fx 4100 3.6ghz stock speed

Gigabyte m68mt-s2 95 w

MSI gtx 670 OC

My CPU seems to be bottlenecking my PC and my current mobo isn't good for over clocking, with budget in mind should I buy a new am3+ mobo and overclock this CPU (so I can upgrade to another am3+ cpu later)

or buy a fx 6300 for my current mobo

or save up for a i5 + new mobo?

Kinda stuck here, also will overclocking a fx 4100 to around 4.5ghz stop my bottleneck?

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  1. Give that a try first
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    well i have the same computer even the same mobo except a amd card 7870 OC but sadly the motherboard doesn't give the CPU enough power when you over clock it over 3.8 GHz so it doesnt boot. I would recommend a new CPU and motherboard here is what im getting.

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