hp designjet 750c will not run on a dell m6600 win 7 pro x64

I tried to install the hp designjet 750c on my dell m6600 win 7 pro x64 via a SABRENT usb-parallel adaptor. (I previously used this adaptor to run an hp designjet 430).

From the printer manual interface, I can print various embedded test plots. After I installed the printer (using the pl532.zip driver package downloaded from hp.com) on my computer, I tried to print a test page and I get the error message "printer is out of paper". I have the printer set to ARCH D (24"x36"), regular bond as I have a standard 24" 20lb opaque bond roll loaded.

I have installed and uninstalled the printer driver several times. I also tried a different parallel cord. I also downloaded & extracted the file pl532.zip file again.

Any help would be most appriciated.

Sincerely yours,
Cliff Laubstein
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  1. I solved the issue.

    1. I needed to manually correct some printer settings from the hp designjet 750c printer front panel. For example, # of copies was set to ZERO. (I bought this ~18 year old printer used. )

    2. I installed the parallel printer on LPT01 instead of USB04 (USB01 is taken by my other printer).

    Sincerely yours,
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