Build suggestions? (but a couple of months in the future)

Alright, I've had this PC for almost 5 years. It has a 9600GT and an AMD X3 710, which is getting old (by others standards it got old long ago).
I need a new PC and since I'm going to Germany in January 2014 I'm going to buy it there (components are ridiculously expensive here in BiH), so I need a few suggestions but I already have some thoughts of my own. I was thinking about a third generation i5 CPU (i5-3570k to be precise) and to pair it with an R9-280 which is looking to be pretty good for only 300$ or 225 Euro. 8 GB of 1600 MHz RAM (which is perfect for an i5 as far as I know) and a 1 TB HDD. I'm not really fluent in German so I can't go surfing German websites looking for deals and I'm not that familiar with PSU, RAM, case or other component manufacturers. I know the top ones are corsair for cases. PSUs and Samsung is probably the best for RAM. But I would really appreciate any suggestions for a build similar to what I mentioned above for about 700-800 Euros. I hope I'm not asking for too much, and thank you in advance :) (sorry for the lack of information, I'm in a hurry and have no time to think this post through)

Edit: Also, I don't plan to play on any crazy resolutions. 1920x1080.
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    wait until january 2014.. a lot of thing can happen and change about hardwares
  2. badboyrog said:
    wait until january 2014.. a lot of thing can happen and change about hardwares

    Well, I think it's gonna take time to get all the items in mail and I'm not going to be there for a lot of time. But you're right... I'm going to wait a bit :)
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