Which processor + graphics chip is the best?

AMD A6-5350m processor + AMD Radeon HD 8450G

Intel i5-3150m + Intel HD4000

Please Explain:
-Which combo is best
-Which will be best for playing games
-Give your best answer or guess on which I should go with.
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  1. okay well here i go.
    I suggest a AMD card because they are going much farther in areas that other graphics cards for examples they are developing a new brand of cards that need no drivers. I would recommend for next gen gaming a 7870 OC edition its the best bang for your buck

    Then onto the CPU. The AMD FX 8350 would be a ideal partner for the card because the next gen games for pc are using more than 6 cores which the 8350 is 8 cores at 4 ghz.

    go for the 7870 GHz edition and FX 8350 (with the hyper 212 because they can run hot)
  2. Best answer
    If I read your question right you are asking for what CPU has the best integrated (onboard) graphics GPU.

    Unfortunately Tom's graphics hiearchy chart hasn't kept up with that.

    Here is a good article to read
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