What should I look for in a PSU for an Inspiron 620?

Hello! I'm having a bit of a dilemma with my Inspiron 620 (not the S), as I don't know what "sizes" of PSU will fit in my case, or how many 12v rails or etc., what I do know is that the current one is not up to scratch with what I'd like to have, and is holding me back, with only 300-305w of power. I have seen on previous threads that the Inspiron 620 can hold an ATX but again I'm not really sure. I'm looking more for specs than for suggestions, but feel free to leave them. Thanks, Daniel
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    ATX12V (a.k.a. PS/2) form factor PSUs will fit and work in a Dell Inspiron 620 mini tower.

    The Antec NeoECO 620C in the Dell Inspiron 620 mini tower shown here is an ATX12V form factor PSU:

  2. One of my most favorite power supplies.

    As above, it should fit just fine.
  3. Ok Thanks!
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