680 SLI Boost Clock/Overclock wont work?

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Im having a really big problem. Im running two EVGA 680 SuperClocked Editions underwater along with a 3770k at 4.7 GHz also under water. Everything has been running great and I havent really messed with anything (except for overclocks obviously) and I had 100+ Mhz on the core and +60 for the mem. Two problems though. Now my boost clock wont go back 750Mhz instead of 1293Mhz like where it used to be. And my 2nd card doesnt boost at all and stays at its idle speed (this has been a regular problem though and was never fixed. Its been happening since day one.) Im using EVGA Precision X for my monitoring/overclocking. My temps are great so its not that. Whats wrong? My voltages are at 1075 on both cards. (This is enough) Help!! I really want to play the BF4 beta and earlier today I was easily able to play on ultra at 60 frames now that my boost clocks wont work I can hardly play on low above 60 frames :'(
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  1. Anyone? This is really annoying? Im having trouble running anything
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    back off on the overclocks.
    If the card detects errors it will not boost into high performance 3d mode.
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