msi says the ram will work with my mobo but new egg says not???

I am buying a msi z87-45 gaming mobo link below.

I looked on msi's official website and literally copy and pasted the ram that i wanted( from the list of compatible ram into new egg, and when i look at the compatibility of the ram on new egg it says it works with lga 1155 not lga 1150!!!????

Please if anyone can help me i would be eternally grateful as i have to buy the rest of my gaming pc by tonight so i can get the promotions that run out tomorrow!

To anyone who can help i thank you in advance:)
The toms community has helped me so much and to all who have helped me in the past sincerely thank you!
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    That set of RJs will work fine, they were originally released along witht he 1155 socket, should be no problems
  2. Thank you so much, i am truly grateful for your help!
  3. No worries, they're good sticks will work well
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