Monitor will shut off and a few seconds later my computer will freeze


I recently re-installed windows on my Desktop, I now experience this random problem: My monitor will shut off and a few seconds later my computer will freeze. I can tell it freezes due to the hyper loop the audio makes when computers freeze. Sometimes its after 10 minutes sometimes its after 90 minutes.


Dell Studio XPS 8100 (from 2010)

Windows 7 64bit - installed from Dell USB recovery
Intel i7 860
4 sticks of 2GB DDR3 =8GB
nVidia GTX 560se 1(gb)
1tb internal HD
DH57M01 or YD0213 motherboard (both numbers appear on the motherboard)
Corsair GS 600 PSU (1 year old)
ST2210 22inch monitor
bunch of other junk

Also it doesn't happen when the computer sits on the welcome screen(before logging on) it only happens after logon.

thanks for everyone's help!!
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  1. sounds like a video card driver issue, or heat? is the fan clean? latest drivers?? is the psu fan clean?? just have a look inside see what its like in there. then run memtest see if it crashes during that ect
  2. *Not an answer, i just accidentally clicked "answer"*

    regarding the restarting issue, just got the Blue Screen of death for the first time(visually) with monitor remaining on, and when it restarted itself, it looked all windows 95y, not sure why...
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