Optiplex gx150, media test failure>strike f1 to retry boot, or F2 for setup utility

Hi, I've been trying for hours to fix a problem with my pc (dell optiplex gx150). I recently bought a new ram sdram 256mb, in order to make my pc have a total of 512mb ram. I installed the ram and the text of the bios screen got like misplaced in some colors. Anyway I removed the new ram changes the position with the old ram and started the pc. This time bios started ok and showed a message the memory size has changed. After that I got this message saying: Media test failure and the next screen saying: strike f1 to retry boot, or f2 for setup utility. I tryed f1 a few times but nothing luck. Then I pressed f2 and it showed me the bios screen. from there i could see the memory info, which it was ok because it was showing 512mb. But at the Boot sequence it displayed: hard disk drive (not detected)and unknown divice (not detected) the cd rom and floppy drive are ok no problem with them. Now I thought formating the HDD so i inserted the windows cd and I was able to see hdd partitions and i formated them, but as soon as the format was done, and files were been copied, the setup started from the beginning. I removed the cd but still the same error: Media test failure>strike f1 to retry boot, or f2 for setup utility. Can anyone help me please, what did I do wrong, or what's wrong with my pc. Thank you very much in advance
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  1. Open the unit back up and make sure the drives cables are still connected at the drive and on the motherbd.
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