Intel Core i5-4670K vs Intel Core i7-4770K

If i was to save about $100 on my build by getting the i5 would i be loosing performance in my pc ? & if so how much
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  1. This explains what you will be losing. The i7 will give you more performance and can overclock to a higher speed, therefore it will be longer before you have to upgrade your CPU and you may save money in that sense.
  2. HyperThreading adds 30-40% performance in heavily threaded code. For most gaming and everyday computing, it makes little to no difference since most of it is lightly threaded at best.
  3. Gaming wise, there's not a huge difference between the 4670K and the 4770K. If there is, it's barely noticeable. If the programs use multiple cores, such as Photoshop, then there's a noticeable difference between the two.
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