Need a good gaming headset...Any ideas?

Hi all, I'm on the market for good gaming headsets, preferably with good sound, design, bass, noise cancellation, and with wireless technology (yes, I do know that wired is better, but for my situation, wired will complicate things so much more). Right now I'm eyeing the Astro A50 although its a bit expensive and the Logitech G930 wireless. I have a budget that is under $400 bucks. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.
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  1. The Corsair Vengeance 2000 is what I have, and with a lot of research and trying out as many as I could find, it is the best wireless headset out there. It has a nice long battery life, plenty of bass (but not distorted) and has a nice build quality, although I have heard the swivel joints can be a bit fragile, I have had no problems with them, and Corsair has good customer service if it happened to break anyway. I haven't had a single problem with this headset except that I plugged the transmitter into a non-powered USB port, but after fixing that everything was fine.
  2. I've heard that not only does the plastic break, the drivers can definitely screw up the performance of the entire headset; microphone issues, sound issues, etc... Do you face any of those problems?
  3. Never, and it really doesn't feel fragile, and I cannot see it breaking unless i were to drop it at just the right angle or twist it way too far.
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    I recommend the Astro A50's if you can afford them, if not why not? You will have the Ferrari of headsets

    Alternatively (depending on whether or not the A50's are under your budget in your location the A40's are also good just make sure to get the mixamp with)

    Creative SB Tactic 3D Omega's are good

    Logtitech G35's albeit their reviews are rather mediocre compared to the others so rather get the others I mentioned.

    SS Siberia V2

    Ones that look absolutely gorgeous yet I have not heard anything about them are of course the SS (Steelseries) 7H.

    CM Storm Sirus (they are gorgeous) and apparently sound great too, I would try them out if they were available in my country.

    Razer Tiamat 7.1 (7.1 is important because you will see 2.1's for cheap and think ah that's a good deal when it's the wrong ones)

    Then the Sennheisers: We cannot forget about German efficiency :
    The PC 330, 350, 360 (depending on looks/sound/ price)

    I gave you the tools my friend now use them :)
  5. I'd like to get the A'50s but now I have to give a persuasive argument on why I should get headphones. My benefactors are trying to get me to get speakers (surround sound) and I'm just totally against that...
  6. You enjoy playing late at night and the surround sound will prevent them from sleeping, the headphones are top of the line sound quality, are the speakers they are getting you the same quality because regular surround sound i.e Samsung, LG, Sony ect. is not top of the line... (although completely acceptable I use a combination of speaker, headset)

    Mostly headset because it's easier to pinpoint direction in games, I can listen to music the other people in the house do not enjoy, hell they would call an exorcist if they had to listen to that music... (if you listen to any such music this will probably be a good reason for them)

    If you play games/listen to music or watch Youtube videos into the early hours of the morning on a regular basis or even daily you could even try an experiment buy some cheap $20-30 speakers and have them at max volume at all times and then play into the early hours as usual and then deprive them of sleep for a few days then tell them that is my argument. :P

    Like a boss...

    I can't really think of anything else though since it's mostly personal preference the surround sound is nice but you don't always want to listen to the music so loud it hurts your ears, it's easy to listen to loud music on a headset without hurting your ears because there isn't any interference between the sound and your ears. Also the sound is usually kept within the cup of the headphone, the drivers are designed (especially on the expensive models) to deliver crisp, pure sound so it will sound like your ears are dancing on clouds when you use the expensive headphones. Tell them they are the Ferrari of earphones/ headset devices.

    Tell them the surround sound they want to get you is like the Mazda or Ford ... Not bad but not close to the best :)
  7. I compromised, I'm getting A50s and the Logitech Z506's. Thanks for all the help!
  8. Glad I could help you out man, the next time I am going overseas I am coming back with A50's since they aren't available over here and I have been wanting them for about a year now :P
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