How to connect two 780s to two monitors SLI?

Connecting up two EVGA GTX 780s Superclocked to two BenQ XL2411T monitors. How do I connect them properly for SLI to work properly. Both cards have two DVI 1 HDMI and Display Port on the back. Want to use DVI to connect. I use the Left monitor for playing/recording games and the right one just for extra desktop space. Do i need to connect one DVI-D port on each of the cards to each of the monitors or DVI-D on one card + DVI-I on that same card to each of the monitors.

Additionally does anyone know if HDMI supports 144HZ or does it have to be DVI Dual Link?

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  1. If each card has two DVI ports, connect both monitors to the primary card(top card). If you're not using a CRT monitor that requires an analog signal, it really doesn't matter whether it's DVI-D or DVI-I. Be sure to turn on SLI in the Nvidia Control Panel as well.

    I believe there are a few premium HDMI cables that can support 144Hz, they're usually the ones associated with 3D displays.
  2. Yer both the monitors have DVI ports on the back. Does it better use the SLI connecting up that way as in nothing into the 2nd card?
  3. Yes, in this case you want both monitors connected to the primary card, nothing in the second card.
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    You would only need to connect a monitor to the second card if you were using 3 or more monitors.
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