Hard Drive not detected/ practically dead!! Help

I Have a hard drive with lots of movies on that suddenly stopped working and isn't coming up on 'My Computer' at all. It makes the sound when i plug in and unplug the hard drive. I've gone into disk management and it comes up with a box saying 'the request could not be performed because of an I/O device error' and where it says disk 1 (the hard drive) it says unknown and Not Initialized. is there a way to get everything back or is it lost forever? it's also still there in the 'safely remove hardware' thing and is in the devices i just can't get to the files!!!!
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  1. Oh dear, another person who relies on a single hard drive for storing valuable data.

    You need to use at least TWO hard drives to save identical copies of your data on.

    You can test the drive with diagnostic software from the drive makers. Links are here:
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