EVA Superclocked 780s in SLI cool enough?

I was looking over a build that I wanted to make via CyberPowerPC. I want to run two EVGA superclocked 780s in SLI and I was wondering if airflow was good enough to keep them cool. My room will normally be around 70-75 degrees while running the computer.

I honestly just want to take that extra precaution and would hate to see one or both of my cards fry.

As far as the rest of the heating/cooling I'll have a radiator closed loop attached to the CPU and probably between 3-5 fans pushing/pulling air around the case. I'm not sure how they are going to build it yet as it's only the development stages but I imagine if I wanted I could purchase an extra fan or just move some of them around the case if I had an issue. My case is going to be the Cooler Master Storm Stryker.
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    The EVGA cards have good cooling , you need not worry about overheating with them in SLI in your rig set up.
    Install EVGA Precision and adjust the fan curve to your temps accordingly. I have never had any heating issues when I was running 2 x 680 EVGA SC in my system and don't believe you will either.
    Depending on your mobo if theres sufficient space between the cards and your case has good air around the case you won't have any issues, go for it!
  2. You'll have no problems. Hell, for years I had twin XFX Radeon HD 4870s in crossfire in a standard mid-tower case and had no problems with it at all. I guarantee that your 780s are not capable of putting out the same heat as two HD 4870s simply because the HD 4870s were built on a 40nm process. Those things could run stable at 100C, I'm not
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