i7 4770k vs. i5 4670k vs. i7 4820k

I am wondering how big a difference it would make on boot time, gaming, gaming while recording, compressing videos, rendering videos, and multi-tasking (gaming while on skype, running minecraft in the background while recording or something like that).I know the price difference so when responding please do not use price as a factor. Thanks in advance
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    Actually, the 4820K is a bit of a no-show, coming in behind the 4770K in about everything. Even when using all those PCI-E lanes in SLI/CF situations. For what all you are doing, I'd go with the 4770K. Ten to thirty percent faster with the rendering etc. Won't help with the gaming or boot time though. Put a good cooler on it and you will have a CPU that will crush any job.
  2. The 4770k beats the other 2 pretty handily.
  3. cuecuemore said:
    The 4770k beats the other 2 pretty handily.

    I thought the 4820k had a higher stock speed and more cache so why is the 4770k better
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