Help in my old PC run w/ new RAM.

So I have an old PC here with Intel P4.

It's old DDR 400 RAM has many errors in Memtest86+.
Now, I bought a new DDR 400 RAM.
Removed the old one, inserted the new one, and it booted.

Now, after POST, I booted to Memtest86+ to test the new RAM.
After about 5 mins, display turned black, mobo and other components is still running.

I tried resetting the PC and now it is not booting/posting anymore.
Tried reseating the RAM, PSU cables, Video Card (Even integrated video card), old RAM and is till not booting.

Also, my mobo have no internal speaker so I don't know what's the problem.
And the keyboard's lights usually blink when it boots, now it's not even blinking.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!
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