I need HELP regarding PSU. Please help!

So a year ago, i upgraded my PSU from 600 watts to 700 watts. The 600 watt PSU before had a history of suddenly shutting down when playing games (back then, i had an HD Radeon 5770). After i upgraded, i just returned it to its box for safekeeping. Now, my friend is planning to build a pc just for school work, and some gaming, and im planning to give it to him if the PSU is still good to be used. So i was wondering if my old PSU is good to go, despite it not being used for greater than a year. Please help guys, he is on a very tight budget as he is a working student. Please help! Thanks! :)
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  1. Also, the brand of the PSU is iMaster, without a true rating. iMaster PRO 6000 to be exact, thanks!
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    No telling. PSUs are finicky and I would not recommend using one with a history of failure. If he is only using his computer for school work it might be fine, but there is a good chance he will have issues with it. I would say let him try it out and if it is a no go you can get a good PSU for cheap if he is not planning on gaming.

    Disregard what I said above by the way if he is using nice hardware. A crappy PSU can cause damage if it is failing.
  3. Hmm alright thanks man! so i guess it would be better to just buy a generic power supply than to use this garbage? lol
  4. PSU and generic dont mix to be honest with you. What kind of hardware is he running? XFX, Corsair, or Seasonic are recommended brands. Your power supply is the one component in your PC capable of destroying valuable components and you really should not skimp.
  5. My friend is still planning to buy them, he doesn't have a desktop computer yet. Hmm... i guess ill tell him to buy a decent PSU. Thanks again man! :)
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