Need Help on picking a monitor


Can anyone help me which of the following monitor is good? Im planning on playin on 1080p :D


Dell S2440L

Dell ST2420L

Philips 237E4QHSD

Thank you.
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    Well out of those i would pick ASUS VS239H. What ASUS offers with the VS239H is a real bargain display, which combines very good image quality including stable viewing angle and rich colors with a stylish chassis.IMO as far as which monitor is for you all depends Response Rate

    The response rate of an monitor refers to how quickly each pixel on the screen can change color. The lower the response rate, the faster the screen updates. If you are playing fast-paced action game for example, where the images change quickly, if you're playing on a monitor with a slower response rate, you may experience what is known as "ghosting". Ghosting happens when the previous image displayed on the screen can still be seen as a blur for moments after the image has changed.

    When choosing the best gaming monitor, the response rate is perhaps the single most important factor to consider. Ghosting and motion blur can ruin your overall gaming experience. The faster the response rate of your monitor, the less ghosting you will see.

    I would say that with a response rate of 5ms on the ASUS VS239H.It should be great for gaming as well.
  2. Thank you Sir. I guess i know what to pick now.
  3. No problem.You're welcome!
  4. what do you think about this one?

    vs the Asus?
  5. Looks pretty good.
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