Help with computer building!!!! (low budget-250$-300$)

I am currently trying to look for parts to build a computer where i can play PS2 games at and atlest league of legends and minecraft type of game in medium to low quality. with possible low to no lag.

please give me some advice on what should i buy and what i should not.
currently this is what i have in my mind-

Processor- AMD FX-4130 (rupees-6625)
Graphics card-saphire AMD/ATI radeon 6670 (rupees-5287)

please name some mother boards,HDD,ram and power supply that will come under my budget, i am from India- my full budget is- (rupees-15,000-rupees-20,000)
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  1. the FX-4130 is around 100$ so its too much for youe build.

    Look at this build - It fits great and has good Parts on it :

    Update me for more info pls
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