"Flickering of screen while playing games"

It happens abt 5-10 mins after i start playing.Even after quitting the game, windows explorer also appears flickered. i've to restart pc to get watchable monitor screen but if i dnt play games and just use internet or watch a movie it doesnt happen.I've checked all the connections,drivers are updated, tried re-installing windows. but nthing is working. what to do? pls help.
i've Nvidia Geforce 550ti 1gb DDR5 graphics card.
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  1. pls post all your specs

    (cpu, mobo, psu, ram, hdd/ssd etc')
  2. Intel core i5-3450 @ 3.10 Ghz
    Intel DH67BL
    CM 500W
    corsair vengeance ddr3 4gb *2 1600
    seagate 1tb
    Nvidia Geforce 550ti
    Samsung S22B370 full HD 22"
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    Try the Next things:

    1: When the screen starts flickering, disconnect the pwr cable of the screen, wait for 10s' and plug it back see if it makes the flickering stop = Screen is faulty.

    2. If Num' 1 didnt work:
    * Disconnect the pwr cable and the monitor from the 550ti.
    * Press the pwr button to empty all the voltage left in the PSU.
    * Remove your GPU from your PC.
    * Connect the monitor into the mobo DVI/HDMI/VGA port and connect the pwr cable aswell. = If no flickering accures then its a foulty GPU.

    Most likely this will solve it But if it wount pls tell me so we'll try the PSU and more .

    Anyway any Update will be great
  4. ok thanks mate. will try and let u know. :)
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