Building a new Gaming PC so, 1150 or 2011?

I'm looking for longevity in a Mobo, so I treat the CPU as an item that I'll want to replace in a year or two whereas the Mobo I'd like to keep upward of 4 or more years. So, should I invest into a 1150 or 2011?

The two Mobo's I'm debating between are the ASUS MAXIMUS VI FORMULA - ATX / Z87 and the ASUS ROG RAMPAGE IV FORMULA - ATX / X79.
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    2011 / X79 combo unfortunately lacks a lot of I/O features and costs much more than a 1150 / Z87 and will be replaced by a whole new platform next year. The "extreme" processors in this case are only for extreme compute performance, not for games. Their lack of features makes them all that much harder to live with as well.

    If you want to rock 3+ GPUs, a suggestion is to look for a PLX-equipped Z87 and Socket 1150 Core i5 or i7 Haswell.
  2. Well. The 2011 Chip has no upgrade path. And some says that haswell has no upgrade path due to the upcoming broadwell from intel.

    You dont need to upgrade your rig in every 3 years (except the gpu). For alot of people. They upgrade their cpu every 5 years. So the CPU in the next 5 years will be in a new platform and new chip. So you need a new motherboard by then.
  3. Thanks, you both had a similar response so at least I know that I should go 1150 for my needs. : )
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