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Gtx 770. TF or Lightning?

Planning to buy a MSI gtx 770. Is there really much difference between the two? I'm playing on a 1680x1050 resolution. Which would be more worth it to buy? I would really like to play the next gen games on 60 fps on max settings :) Thanks!
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  1. TF will be enough.

    The Lightning model is designed specifically for high-overclocking and to work with non-standard cooling solutions such as liquid-nitrogen.

    If you're not using liquid-nitrogen and not overclocking it to exceptionally high voltages, Lightning will be unnecessary since you'll not be using its full capacities.
  2. What's the price for both?

    The Lightning is more oriented to the overclocking world, but that doesn't mean that you can't get it if it's for a good price. You don't need liquid nitrogen for run that GPU, at least that you want extreme performance on competitions.

    Let us know the price for both, with that, we can give you a better advice.
  3. Didn't mean to say it was necessary to have liquid nitrogen, but one of the main features MSI had in mind when building the Lightning Editions was adding support for Liquid Nitrogen right out of the box.

    The price difference is of about 50$, I believe, not worth it unless he's doing extreme overclocking because even the TF one can handle pretty high OCs.
  4. The Lightning in my place is around 544 dollars while the TF is at 510 dollars. What I'm considering is that the lightning might be an overkill for my screen resolution.
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    Both could be "overkill" for that resolution, but don't think in present, think in future and maybe in future you can have 1 or 2 1920x1080 monitors.

    For that difference price, I would suggest you got with the TF. Good enough for your needs and you can do overclock if you want, not at the same level of the Lightning but the TF also can handle good overclocks.
  6. the lightning is about 100hz better , but been looking on the msi web site and the lightning does not come with free recording software as does the TF model ,

    i was going to go with the lightning as it only £13 more but i want the software, also over clocking shortens the life of the product
  7. just looked into it and it does hae it as its part of after burn will go for the lightning now
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