Overclocking Sapphire HD 7950

So I bought this VGA last week, and I'm overclocking it with Sapphire Trixx software.
For default it is:
925mhz core
1250mhz memory
power slide 0

More info:

CPU AMD FX-8350 @4.6Ghz(Stable)
Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3
2x 4GB RAM @1600Mhz
Windows 8.1 at Kingston SSD
1TB WD Sata 3

Well, at 3d Mark 11 and Unigine Valley I was able to raise it up to 1150/1575, with the same 1250v and power slide +20. It was stable.
However, when I run Crysis(2007) and Crysis 2 I got crashes.
What am I doing wrong? I already saw plenty of better clocks here at Tom's, using same or even lesses voltage tweaks...
Thanks, I appreciate your help.
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  1. Is it the Vapor-X design? the cooler doesn't cover the VRM, which is why Afterburner won't let you tweak the voltage. Changing voltages on a Vapor-X isn't a great idea. I tried overclocking with Trixx, and had crashes when I upped the voltage, but with afterburner and no extra voltage I got 1200 easy on my 7970ghz.
    Try Afterburner.
  2. Although it's NOT the Vapor- X one, MSI Afterburner won't let me change the voltage, indeed. But my point is: the crashes happen either with the stock voltage(1250v) or with higher/lesser voltages, even with no temp issue, and with "not-that-big" clocks(1150, 1575). I'm really confused out here...
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    Different card have different overclocks. Some won't operate very far above stock frequency, I guess you just got unlucky :/
    Try a slightly lower and lower OC on the GPU core until it stops crashing, or lower the memory frequency to see which OC is causing the problem
  4. Well I think you're right.
    Anyway, just so I can take the best from my vga:
    What do you guys think I should aim for? Faster core clock or memory clock?
    I'll use a single monitor, to gaming, mostly at 1080p.
    I appreciate your help.
  5. Core clock at 1080p. You don't really need more or faster memory for that, I don't think.
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