Best Design/Gaming Monitor under $700

Hey everyone,

I am a motion graphics designer and a gamer and I am building a rig. My biggest question comes down to monitors.

I have found some good design monitors in the $500-700 range but the reviews say they are bad for gaming, because of their low hz and high refresh rates (6-8ms usually). I have noticed this myself on an NEC Multisync 2490.

** So what I am wondering is are there any good monitors out there that are good for design (good colors, contrast ratio, pixel pitch, etc) and also have decent specs for gaming?? **

I'm not a hardcore gamer, but do play some games and would like it to be at least decent for that as well. Again, budget is up to around $700.

Some have mentioned Korean monitors, but haven't said where (if at all) you can get these.

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  1. You could buy a couple of these ones :
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