Single GTX780 vs single GTX660Ti for nvidia 2D surround

I am considering getting a 780 for 3-monitor nvidia 2D surround at 6026X1080(bezel correction).

cpu i7-3770K OC at 4.6ghz
16 gb ram 1866
Mobo do not have SLI.

Current 660ti frame rate is very low at 10-14 when loaded with heavy clouds scene.
And also lots of shuttering when panning view and when moving around in aircraft in Microsoft flight sim X.

Here's some observation for the 660ti :

1. max view span 6026X1080 - FPS 10-14
2. one third view 1920X1080 - FPS 30-40 <--------seems that CPU is NOT the one causing the low frame rate, am I right?

I would like to ask from experience users of 780, as in switching from single 660ti to single 780, is it realistic to expect an increase in FPS to above 25 running 6026X1080 2D surround?

Looking forward for some answers before I buy the 780.

Thanks Guys.
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    You will see an immense increase in performance over the 660ti especially at that resolution.
  2. tinmann said:
    You will see an immense increase in performance over the 660ti especially at that resolution.

    Thks for the link to the bench mark page.
    Should I be just looking at the 1080 vertical resolutions for comparison?
    Just wondering how to compare because my is 6026X1080...
  3. Fopa5 said:
    You should be looking at total pixel count when you look at which card you want for your resolution and tinmann is correct that you will definitely want the EVGA GeForce GTX780 SuperClocked w/EVGA ACX Cooler for your triple monitor setup. The 660Ti is far behind even the HD 7970 when it comes to that high of a resolution. The 660Ti is about three levels below the 780.

    Does EVGA has the best cooler for the 780? I do notice temperature spike from 40 to 75 in my 660ti in surround mode. I am definitely for getting a 780 card with good coolers.
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