Need opinion on my Home File Server build!!!

Hi Guys,

Im new to this forum but found it very helpful in the past when looking for opinions on hardware for various servers.

I need your guys opinion on the hardware I am planning to put into a little home server that will run either free NAS or Ubuntu. It is only literally going to be used to store files, all my BD ISO collection and music, so I can then pull the files from the drives and play them over my network via the gigabit Ethernet port on my devices such as my popcorn hour A-300 or my PS3 and what not using the NFS protocol.

The specs are as follows
- CPU - AMD A4 5300
- Mobo - Asus F2A55-M LK
- Case - Antec 300
- PSU - Antec VP 350W
- RAM - 1 x corsair 2GB 133MHz DDR3
- HDD - 4 or 5 WD RED 4TB drives

I think this little build should be sufficient enough for what I need and for under £200 (BARGAIN!), I don't need it to do any heavy work as my main rig will be the one converting or ripping all the videos when necessary

Also any advice on a RAID setup would be helpful, im a proficient - expert PC user and builder but RAID setups scare me for some reason, I've heard bad stories of them failing and all data being lost :ouch: haha

Cheers guys any feedback would be appreciated, if you need any additional info I would be happy to provide :D
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  1. The antec 300 seems an odd chice for a server .

    Since you are effectively building a NAS , you could probably scale the processor and board back to an embedded AMD processor in a board like

    $74 for mb and processor in a smaller form factor .

    I didnt check the RAID capabilities of that board , and it has the limitation of only 4 SATA ports , but something like it may be ideal for your needs
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