System loses power during cold start or returning from sleep

Need some help with a weird issue...

First here's the hardware:
i5 2500k
Gigabyte Z77x-UD3H
ABS 800w PSU
1 OCZ 60gb Agility SS drive
2 WD 2TB green drives

So here's the odd issue.
I've had this system running for about 1.5 years. Ever since I've had it built, I've had an issue if there's enough peripherals plugged into the USB ports that draw X amount of power. The system fails to boot from sleep, or during a cold start. It will boot, then lose power, boot, then lose power, rinse and repeat until I unplug almost every peripheral from the computer. For example, I could never cold boot my PC or return from sleep with my phone plugged into the computer via USB because the whole system would lose power. I assumed it was hitting some power draw limit at the time.

The real problem is now. I purchased a new keyboard, and it's LED backlit. I can't even power my computer with this thing plugged in because its causes the endless power on/off cycle.

My thought is the PSU or the MOBO.

The ABS power supply was high end at the time but its going on 5 years old now, repurposed for this build since 800w was more than enough.

Does this sound on par or could it be something with my MOBO? I'd hate to go buy a new PSU if I dont need it.

Any ideas for what testing I can do?
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  1. a lot of the mb vendors dropped bios updates to fix usb power issues. it started with the apple iphones and portable audio players. check that your motherboard bios is up to date.
  2. Turns out my mobo bios version is so old, its not even listed on the site (F5, earliest they show is F7). I thought I did an update when I originally bought the board, apparently not. I'll do an update in a few hours and report back.

    edit: updated to F18, things seem to be working smoothly!
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