In-Line Headphones w/Mic not working on PC

I have a USB headset that works when I plug it into the back of my PC, it broke, bought a new pair with in-line plug-ins. I have plug-ins in the front and back of my PC for a MIC and/or Speaker plugin to go. I've tried plugging these into both of them and I hear no sound in either case, my sound icon says No Audio Output Device Installed... If I have a sound card, it's integrated, as when I bought the comp it was bare-bone and I had to buy a video card and everything, but never bought a sound-card. Like I said the USB headphones I have work perfectly in every aspect with mic and outbound sound but the in-line do not... I have Win7-64. I have tried disabling all my audio devices in control manager and re-enabling them, i right click on sound and i see nothing in playback that suggests my computer recognizes the in-line headset... Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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    this is a free program that read your system hardware info. when you find your system mb info if it a not a dell or hp to be able to go to the mb vendor web page and download the audio chipset drivers. also check in the bios to see that the audio chipset is turned on. it should be under onboard devices.
    if your pc a dell or hp go to the web page for system spec and drivers.
  2. Ok thanks ill look into that.
  3. Thanks smorizio, i didn't have a dell or hp, asrock actually, but after finding the audio chipset driver and downloading it, the sound worked... Thanks! :-)
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