VERY weird internet problem

Before i start raging like crazy i'd like to say hi to whoever read this,

My problem is very complicated (i think). About a month ago everything was fine on my PC. I started downloading a pixelmon minecraft mod, I don't think this is the problem cause I fail badly to install it and minecraft Forge was needed to run the mod... and i deleted all files related to it. Second thing, I downloaded Hamachi to be able to play Starcraft in LAN cause my friends internet sucks, and Hamachi added a network to my connection.. After that day, I was stuck with THIS image http:// (not the whole thing just the little internet icone with a red X). So I got this little damn icon instead of the normal white connection bar. It's suppose to mean, no internet access I think... Whatever, I still have internet access, I can access chrome and I can do «gaming». I can still game online. BUT ! here's an example of the problem: I play League Of Legends and each time I enter the loading champion screens the game just crash and the reconnect window appears, so I click «reconnect to the game» and it just disappear and reappear, so I just spam-click the reconnect thing each time the window comes up.. and if i'm really lucky I will get to the loading screen. Another example of «crash», is I can't get anymore to minecraft server whitch are still available (Server of a friend). So I think what I should do to get my PC back to normal would be to get rid of that little image I just showed you earlier, I could be wrong of course.

After a week stuck with this I started to look for a solution. I completely destroy Hamachi and his network... still nothing as change.. there was also some Image «ADS NOT BY THIS SITE» that were popping in my internet common link. I was able to get rid of it too.. but again the problem was still there. I have Kapersky and I must have scan my PC at least 10 times, I also scanned my PC with defender, still nothing. And for those who know about League of Legends YES i've done the repair option.

Thank you for your patience to read that long text.
If you need more info cause some part are not clear to you just say i'll answer, i'm not english born.
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  1. Start -> run -> CMD

    ipconfig /all

    Post the text here. That should give more info.
  2. Oh and have a look in your hosts file. c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc
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