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Is my External Hard Drive dead?

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October 7, 2013 1:09:50 PM

When I plug in my external hard drive (which was working beautifully a week ago, and I haven't removed it without disconnecting it) nothing (good) happens*.

Currently, when I attempt to view it in Disk Management "Connecting to virtual disk service..." is displayed at the bottom, and seems to hang up. When I open My Computer, it takes an age to do nothing.

This has been a problem for about a week now, and I've replaced everything to do with my hard drive that I could, thinking that it might have been a power issue.

I HAVE on two occasions been able to access my Hard drive, it's popped up in My Computer, and on these occasions I've tried to remove all the important files from the HDD to my computer straight away, however it's taken a very long time to transfer even the smallest amounts of data.

I'm beginning to feel resigned to losing my HDD. There is a lot of data on there that I simply won't be able to replace. Before you start telling me about backing up, etc, I KNOW, and I feel this is going to be a very tough lesson in backing up my back up.

If there's anything you think that I might be able to do to save my data, then please enlighten me!

Thank you in advance,

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a c 1306 G Storage
October 7, 2013 1:28:07 PM

If the drive was your only copy of that data then it wasn't a backup, it was main storage. Many people make this mistake along with thinking the cheap usb drives are virtually indescructable.

When you try something you want to be ready to extract your data or to image the drive. Ie - try to make a listing of which important files your want to rescue first. Like your family photos would probably be more important than 2007's tax returns...

If the data is important enough to be considering sending it out for professional recovery then do not do anything with the drive. Using it might make it unrecoverable.

First I would try connecting it to another pc. Pay attention when you plug it it and see if you can feel the drive spinning up. If its not spinning then software data recovery wont work.

If it is spinning but not working right via USB then I would attempt to remove the drive inside the enclosure and install it as an internal drive to attempt data recovery that way.