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I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop, running Windows 7. I had it connected to a Sony HDTV and everything was fine, except I noticed when the TV was displaying the desktop, the laptop screen went black. In my effort to fix this, I made a mistake. Using the desktop display on the TV, I right clicked and opened Screen Resolution, and then Display Settings. In error (I know now) I accidently set the display so only the laptop could display the desktop. Now I have no display on the TV, and since the laptop screen has gone black, I cannot see to change the display options back to the correct ones. Help!!
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    If your screen is black even with the laptop disconnected from the HDTV, then find the button used to TOGGLE screen modes (laptop, external, both).

    It's probably at the top and may need another key pressed to cycle things.

    If you haven't SHUTDOWN the laptop and restarted it yet then do so first by holding down the POWER KEY until it shuts down.
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