ZALMAN CNPS9500A-LED Fan Installation Issue

Someone please help me, I'm super frustrated and feel like I'm going crazy. Has anyone else installed this? I am trying to screw the Intel clip into the clip support but the bracket is bent (seemingly on purpose) and I don't understand how it's supposed to be screwed in if it's bent.

Here's the fan:
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  1. ive installed these, never had a problem. if something is bent, it probably shouldnt be. post pics if u can?
  2. looks about right to me, the bracket is bent so it applied pressure to hold the cooler in place.
  3. Do you have to push down hard while you're screwing in then? It will bend into place as you screw it?
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    you need to push down to get the thread started on the screw, then just screw it in
  5. Thanks I was able to get it, didn't know I needed to put that much pressure on it
  6. good, glad i could help.
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