I have a coolermaster power supply that has 420watts is this enough to run an a8-6600k and a radeon hd7750 on hybrid crossfire

I have a coolermaster psu that came with the case that I got is this enough to power an a8-6600k and a radeon hd 7750 on hybrid crossfire
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  1. You would need to open the case and tell us the amperage that the PSU lists for the 12v rail(s). Off hand I'd say a new PSU is in order though
  2. It would depend on the 12V amperage, but if its halfway decent it should be fine.

    I would recommend against Hybrid Crossfire though, as with the current drivers, it is rather stuttery.
  3. It says that it has 20amps on a 12grail
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    So that provides 240W on the 12v rail (20x12). You'll definitely be cutting it close but it may work with that PSU. I'd say give it a try and if you run into stability issues or it simply doesn't work, then get another. One thing to note, running a PSU at or near it's limits puts a lot of stress on it, when (if) it starts running the fan very loud, you'll want to look to replace it soon
  5. Should be enough for that setup.
  6. Thx guys
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