Can a gtx 770 run BF4 on ultra

Hi im looking to upgrade my gtx 560 ti for a new card. I was hoping to run bf4 on ultra without problems. My screen resolution is 1920/1080 (60 hertz).

My rig is :
-cpu i7 2600k
-motherboard p8p67 pro
-8g ram
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    Beta benchmarks:

    You should wait for the R9 280X reviews before picking a GPU.
  2. Yes it will run it on ultra, any card in the past 3-4 years will run it on ultra. However, will your fps be good? That depends on a lot of factors. Judging by the beta and the minor graphic upgrades the frostbite engine has, I would assume you should be able to play on ultra settings and get pretty good fps. My suggestion is to research this further on google and see what other people out there are saying in regards to their graphics setups and bf4 beta to gauge how a 770 will perform. Good luck!
  3. Ok thanks for the quick answer!
  4. Keep in mind, the above chart has MSAA turned off, but I wonder if AA is all the way off or is FXAA enabled and etc..... The above chart is just one benchmark. If pic quality is what you seek, then you will want some sort of MSAA/FXAA enabled.
  5. Stickem said:
    Keep in mind, the above chart has MSAA turned off.
  6. ok, ill guest ill wait for more benchmark when the game comes out and ill do my research
  7. Thanks slomo! hehe!
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