Do my parts work together?

I'm building a desktop for the first time and am worried that my parts won't work together. I've checked and they should but, I still would rather have a second opinion.

Motherboard- ASRock Z75
CPU- i5-3470
Memory- 4GB 1600 RAM
Graphics- Nvidia 650 ti Superclocked
Case- Corsair 300R
PSU- Corsair 500 watt

Also if you want to suggest any changes or additions, feel free! My budget is around $700-800 range. With other parts I haven't included (optical drive, hard drive) it's around $730 now.
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  1. Everything is compatible
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  3. Thanks guys. I'm never 100% about these kind of things. Thanks slomo4sho. I'll check out that build you gave me!
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