System boots after 2nd attempt or pressing reset button. Newly built pc.What can be causing this issue? Please help

Components are
asus cross hair v formula z
Asus 7850 hd 256 2 gb gpu
Seagate barracuda 3tb 7600
G skill 2x8 gb 1600 unbuffered ram
Cooler master 750W psu
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    CPU? First thought would be low voltage to the CPU, or DRAM
  2. Thank u for the reply .. I decided to exchange mother board ... I was moving the power connector and pluging it back into MB it seemed to resolve issue temporarily but same problem recurred after 3rd try. So I decided to exchange MB.. Will post outcome once new mb arrives.
  3. Will be waiting to hear ;)
  4. Thanks
  5. No problem ;) C U around
  6. Hello I changed mb , ram, and updated to latest bios but problem persists I even have usb 3 not working and my sound as well.. Don't know what to do ... Could it be my windows 8 or psu??
  7. Might be it's just not getting enough power on the initial try, do you have another PSU you could try or can you borrow one just to see
  8. I took psu out and tested it it failed ....sent it for replacement. That's my problem all along ... Thank you for the reply really appreciate it.
  9. No problem, may want to close the thread ;)
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