MSI 660 Ti PE OC = Poor Overclocker?

I currently have an MSI 660 Ti PE OC model which is being finicky when I'm trying to overclock it. I purchased it lightly used off eBay for the low price of $165 :bounce:

I can't for the life of me get anything more than about +50 Mhz in EVGA Precision X which results in a max boost of somewhere around 1270 Mhz (I think).

Anything more crashes Grid 2 and about any other game/Unigine Heaven/MSI Kombustor.

Also, I have played around with the voltage and had it set to +100 offset in Afterburner but then realized that EVGA's tool let me go beyond the 1087mV and I bumped it to 1100mV. That didn't help much, maybe a few Mhz on the core clock. Plus, I'm wondering if that voltage is getting to the point where my card's lifespan will diminish rapidly and cause much more heat to be put out.

I'm wondering if this is pretty much average since the factory overclock is pretty aggressive? If not, is there really anything I can do? I realize that I may have gotten a 'bad' one. I'm somewhat experienced in overclocking and had good results with other cards.

Also, my max temps in MSI Kombustor are about 62 degrees thanks to the heatsink/fans. Thermal throttling isn't affecting this at all.

If anyone can share their overclock results with this card or input this would be great! I've tried Google but I didn't find enough solid info relevant to me. If you could point me to some other good threads that would be awesome as well. Nonetheless, I guess a $165 660 Ti running at 1270 Mhz boost clock isn't so terrible now, is it? :D


EDIT: I'm running a Corsair CX600 in a pretty average system so power isn't an issue either. I'm running it with an FX 8320 at around 4.2 Ghz on an M5A97 EVO motherboard (the one with the heatsinks on the VRMs) with 7 case fans and 3 hard drives. My system shouldn't be holding the card back that much if at all.
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  1. Hi,

    From what I can gather online it seems your card is very much average, still can't complain at that price surely :)
  2. Yeah it's great for the money.

    I guess NVidia's boost is pretty aggressive. With AMD cards, I usually got a ~200 mhz overclock minimum. I guess GPU Boost 2.0 just does exactly that for me. To me, it seems that the boost feature is good for everyone except overclockers. I wish you could disable that somehow. (If you can, please show me how. It seems that the boost is clocking itself too high and with too little voltage on this card..)
  3. Best answer

    All in all your card is not bad, 1270mhz on the core is a good overclock, my Gtx670 Windforce clocks around there. Considering the price you paid for it I would be very happy.

    Hope this helps!
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