64 bit FPS Tracking software

I've been playing the BF4 Beta and i have been curious what my FPS has been but it seems that riva tuner doesnt support 64 bit games so im wondering what program would give me this info.... doesnt need to be an OSD program i have access to a second screen.
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  1. TY fraps did it for some reason i didnt think it would work in 64 bit :) oh and fyi 50-60 fps solid
  2. my rig is
    asus m5a99fx pro
    evga 760 4gb
    adata sp900 256 ssd
    adata xpg 2133 16gb
    evga 1000w g2 psu
  3. the 760 is just a stop gap waiting to see how the r9 series unfolds with mantle. Eventually going to be upgrading to a 780 sli build or r9 290 cf build
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