How am i supposed to connect a 5.1 speaker system to the gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2 (rev. 1.2) ?

According to the specs the boards has a :

Realtek ALC887 audio codec
High Definition Audio

But, the back panel have only 3 x audio jacks (Line In/Line Out/Microphone) how am i supposed to connect a 5.1 speaker system ?

What am i missing, do i actually need to buy a sound card to be able to use a 5.1 system ? i have the Creative Inspire T6300.
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    Normally, you just use the Line in and Mic out. The realtek software will allow you to re-task those connectors to become rear and center/sub
  2. Oh really ? thats awesome, im gonna give it a try, thanks for the fast response.
  3. Worked like a charm, thanks again for the help.
  4. Any time. I looked into the same thing for an Asus mITX board(Not that my GA-H55n will be replaced any time soon).

    I rarely use line-in and mic in on the back anymore so it is not much of an issue only having 3 jacks now(unless you want 7.1).
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