Just bought an 8320/need motherboard for it helppp

Hey guys, just got me a 8320,I upgraded from an a8-3870k so I'm very excited lol. I have a 7950 card to game with, now I reached a problem. I need a motherboard lol, but I currently cannot afford a 990fx board,so I'm going to have to stick with a 970 board, I honestly don't over clock or anything so it's no prob. But what's a good cheap board I'd say my budget would be 80 dollars if you guys wouldn't mind. I have sniper g ram 2x4 Gig sticks. 8 gigs total. 1600 type.. Ty for the help
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  2. rolli59 said:

    Ty for quick reply. Does this have a 24 pin for my power supply, will my 7950 fit on this MB, ordering tomorrow so I'd rather ask now haha
  3. Also I. Have no idea how to update bios, can u link me the latest bios and do a quick summary what I have to do, do I do it before plugging in memory and hard drive?
  4. Bumping this bc I need some suggestions
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  6. Yes it will all fit in that board and it does have 24 pin and a 8pin CPU power connectors which is all standard today!
  7. Will I have to update bios? When do I do that? And how? I've never done it before
  8. No you do not have to it comes with a compatible BIOS.
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