Make internal SATA hard drive show up as Removeable Device

I'm trying to find a Windows 7 native way to make my extra internal sata hard drives show up as removable drives instead. I've found tons of results for the reverse but nothing on how to make a fixed drive show up as removable. I'm already set up as AHCI in BIOS.

I would rather not use any software to achieve this. Perhaps theres a setting or driver update that would enable this for me?
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  1. if the windows system is using anything on the drive you will not be able to make the drive removable. I suspect this might be your issue. You cannot have a removable system or bootable drive.

    Also, if the drive is able to be removable if you go into Device Manager /Disk Drives and rt click the drive and select properties , on the Policies tab there will be a checkbox for Quick Removal.
  2. I don't seem to have an option for quick removal. Is there a way to remove all windows related files on the hard drive in order to enable the quick removal feature? I'm not aware of any windows files on my additional hard drives
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